Visa support for business trips to the Russian Federation

If you plan your visit to Saint-Petersburg and purpose of your trip is attending of exhibitions or negotiations with business partners, the Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry could provide you a visa support letter or invitation issued by Russian Migration Services.



If your country has an agreement with the Russian Federation on facilitation of visa regime, you could enjoy simplified procedure and it would be enough to provide SPB CCI visa support letter together with other documents required by Consulate. In other cases you need to provide invitation issued by Russian Migration Authorities.


Important: the procedure of getting official invitation from the Russian Migration Authorities takes at least 1 (one) month (if you provide all documents required).


The issue of official SPb CCI visa support letter takes 3-5 working days (if you provide all documents). Please take it into consideration when you plan your trip to Russia.


Please note that only the Representatives of Russian Consulate abroad will make the final decision on providing visa to foreign citizens. The Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry could not guarantee that you get visa.


To get visa support services you should provide the following documents:


  • Guarantee letter
  • Application form


For more information please contact us.